Volunteer Positions

Assistant Apprenticeship TEAM POSITIONS OPEN...

Each team position begins as a three-month volunteer/apprenticeship opportunity. The opportunity will later turn into a paid position  if after the three months the ministries advisory board finds you are  the one God has appointed & anointed for the position.   

If ministry is something you've always wanted to do,  if you have been personally touched by this ministry and you would like  to be a part of it, look at the open positions below. Fill out an  application and our advisory board will review and prayerfully consider  each one and contact you as soon as we get confirmation from the Lord.


His Royal Family Miniseries

We are so honored that over 1 million people have the book His Princess right now and it is in 19 languages.

With that said We know God wants us to take our outreach even farther. We are looking for someone that loves Developing and taking a product from the beginning to the end. Great organizational skills and loves doing research to development of new product to give reminders of God’s love and our faith Legacy.

If you are a person that loves projects & product development and you love the creative development process of taking a product from beginning to end this would be an amazing opportunity. This position would start with very minimal pay at the beginning and turn into a wonderful full-time job as you become a part of the growth and this beautiful ministry the Lord has given us.

If you are interested, please fill out the application and I will set up an interview with you over the phone.

Sheri Rose


Looking for those who have a passion for people, who love God with all their heart and have a “TECHIE TALENT” that they want to use to further His kingdom in this ministry.  Someone creative and proactive to find the most effective way to get our message to the masses and as Jesus says, “Feed the sheep.”


(Graphic Designer, Conference Stage Designer, Video Set Design, Online Magazine Designer)

If you’re gifted in graphic design, set designs, and/or conference  decoration, this is a great team for you to be on. Think of it as the  Martha Stewart of ministry decorations and design!


If you have a passion for production we have positions  open to be a part of our online simulcast, Weekly Online ministry  teachings with Sheri Rose, Live conference simulcasts, Bible Study  tapings, production, video editing, and anything to do with production,  then you will love what this team is doing!   

Our goal is to get our own Warehouse/TV studio and have our production team in place when we move in.

Join Our Team

Join Our Team

 Please fill out completely, and include in the message:

  • Any special gifts, talents, and passions that you have 
  • Church you attend 
  • Hours per week you’d be available to volunteer 
  • Three personal references (name, phone, and email) 

Please feel free to leave a personal message for Sheri Rose and her team  to review from you about the position you'd like and your heart for the  ministry.